Phone: (09) 846-7534
Fax: (09) 846-7918

Kowhai Intermediate School
26 Onslow Road
Auckland 1024

In the event of a power or internet outage our phone system will not work. In that situation we will use our fax line (09) 846-7918 as our backup phone line.

In the event of a serious incident or emergency we will post information on the website and our phone system when we are able to. Please do not phone or come to the school - we will make contact with all parents via text & email when practical to keep you updated with the situation.

Report an Absence

If your child is absent or late for any reason you must phone the school on 846 7534, or email  If you call before school hours please leave a voice mail message. The School Office will notify you by text message if your child is absent without a reason.

On occasion the school may use the group email function within our eTAP software to contact parents. This email will come from an '' address - it is a legitimate communication.

Visitors to the School

We ask that all visitors to the school, including whanau and family members, report to the school office to sign in.

Payment Options

We are in the process of changing our way of receiving payments, in order to reduce cash handling. 

KINDO Payment System - (our preferred method of receiving payments)

This will make school payments quick, easy and hassle free.  Kindo is a software solution that enables you to make all your child's' payments online:  from sports subs and trips to donations and lunches.  Permission slips will also be able to be accessed online - so there's no paper and no cash. 

Kindo has the following benefits:

*  Reduced money handling time for teachers 

*  Reduced risks around handling cash 

*  Significant reductions in paper / photocopier use.

*  Easy online payment options for parents.

Kindo, is part of the EZlunch group.  If you are registered with EZlunch, you are already registered with Kindo.

There will be a transition period and we will keep you updated by email. 

Account Number: 12-3109-0011989-00
Bank & Branch: ASB - Dominion Road
Details: Child's name, room number and what the payment is for please.

Students - through the class money book first thing in the morning or directly to the school office.

Made out to Kowhai Intermediate School with your child's name, room number and what the payment is for written on the back.

Available at the school office.

Through the school office or over the phone.

2017 Staff Contacts

Please note that not all staff have immediate access to emails so if there is an urgent need to contact them please phone the office on 846-7534

Principal: Louise Broad
Phone extn: 202

Associate Principal: Barbara Cloonan
Phone extn: 203

Reception / Main Office
Phone extn: 200

Admin Manager: Juanita Potgieter
Phone extn: 201

Room 1: Lenora Noble - Whanau Whero Yr 8

Room 2: Joseph Poole - Whanau Whero Yr 7

Room 21: Andrea Fulton - Whanau Whero Leader / Maths Development

Room 3: Stephen Gillard  - Whanau Whero Yr 8

Room 4: Kellie Smith  - Whanau Takahe Yr 7

Room 5: Neal Davison - Whanau Takahe Yr 7

Room 6: Tanya Stanisich - Whanau Takahe Leader Yr 8

Room 7: Neville Smith - Whanau Matau Leader Yr 8

Room 8: Phoebe Fabricius  - Whanau Matau Yr 7

Room 9:  - Nick Epsom Whanau Kotuku Yr 8

Room 10: Helen Parrott - Whanau Matau Yr 7

Room 11/Totara Rm: Donna Griffiths - Learning Support / ESOL
Phone extn: 223

Room 12: Sera Clayton - Whanau Kotuku Leader Yr 7

Room 13:  Maria Semmons - Whanau Kotuku Yr 8

Room 14:  -   Saga Frost - Whanau Apārangi - Gafoa le Ata (Samoan bilingual)

Room 15: Tom Cloonan - Whanau Apārangi Yr 7

Room 16: Gill Robertson - Whanau Apārangi Leader Yr 8

Room 17: Pare Hopa - Whanau Pounamu Yr 7/8

Room 18: Jessica Williams - Whanau Pounamu Leader Yr 7/8

Room 19: Mary-Jane Thompson - Whanau Pounamu Yr 7/8

Whanau Pounamu Administrator - Debra McIntyre
Phone extn: 221

ICT Director: Tom Mackintosh
Phone extn: 222

Hard Tech: Robert Wilson
Phone extn: 230

Soft Tech: Narlea Cohen
Phone extn: 232

Art: Jean Reilly
Phone extn: 231

Dance & Drama: Carey Thomas

Music: Kevin Ahn

Pasifika Advisor:  Saga Frost
Phone extn: 209

Library Manager: Judith Armstrong
Phone extn: 210

Office Administrator: Sweet Bromwich

Office Administrator: Kathrine Laurence

Attendance Officer: Love Drake

Admin Assistant: Anna Thompson

Caretaker: Scott McArthur
Phone extn: 214

Groundsman: Joseph Kowhai