Listed below are links to the schools that the majority of our year 8 students go on to attend. If the schools have provided us with enrolment information it will also be listed here but it always pays to contact the high school itself in case there have been any changes.
Out of zone enrolments to high schools can be very competitive and even if you are in-zone schools may have enrolment restrictions. Our advice is to contact the schools early to give you the best chance of enrolling your child in the high school of your choice.

Zoning Information

You can enter your home address on this website and it will show you the zoning information for your local schools.

Year 9 Enrolment Guidelines

Terms 1:
Check which high schools you are in zone for at nzschools.tki.org.nz
Give thought as to which high school you would like your child to attend. Visit their website and obtain a prospectus. Some will have open days or evenings early in the year.

Terms 2 & 3:
Contact the high school to obtain an enrolment pack.
There may also be the opportunity to attend further open days / evenings, school visits or their year 9 Dean may visit Kowhai to talk to interested students.
Enrol your child at the high school.

The closing date for all out of zone applications to all secondary schools is usually in late August or early September. 

They will contact you within 10 days to say if your application was successful.

Term 4:
Ensure your child is enrolled at a high school before they leave Kowhai Intermediate School.