Kowhai Grounds and Facilities

How to get here

How to get here We recommend students travel to and from school with others. If your child must come to school by car, please take care not to stop or park illegally.

Bus and train

We are well served by public transport. The Principal visits Kingsland train station after school to monitor safety. It is your responsibility to ensure your child understands how to behave safely in and around public transport.
This link to Google Maps shows the location of public transport.

Own wheels

We encourage students to cycle, scooter or walk to school. Appropriate safety helmets must be worn and you must ensure your child knows the safest route to and from school. Bicycle racks and a lock-up scooter shed are available to store bikes and scooters during the day.


If your child walks to school independently make sure he or she knows where and how to use the controlled crossings on the way to school.